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INNER SPACE, 23 August - 23 September 2010

a collaboration work by
Arum S. Prameshwari & Indrani Ashe

s.14 found Indrani Ashe artwork is similar to Arum Sekar Prameshwari, therefore we met them together and let them to collaborate by themselves. Both of their work is more like abstract work but in three dimensional object, moreover it was an abstract installation. Indrani focus on an organic aesthetic through her local found object where Arum is more experiment in fabric media especially in tole. In this collaboration work, Indrani and Arum mixed together what they
interested in. Both on material aspect and the concept of a human body.

Indrani Ashe is mixed American Indian who live in Bandung since past 2 years ago to have a research on local material culture and work as a teacher in one of International private primary school in Bandung where Arum Sekar Prameshwari is from Jakarta, Indonesia who live and work in Bandung, she is one of bachelor art graduated from Fine Art Department in ITB who is now working as a program manager in one of private gallery in Bandung.

They name their collaboration work into " Inner Space " , kind of site-spesific work where they install their work in s.14 into a labyrinth in a small space. this exhibition will followed by a small exhibition in s.14 library; in 6 to 5 program there will be a drawing by Arum Sekar Prameshwari on her previous work and in 7" program there will be a video documentation of Indrani's previous work.

Arum and Indrani will do two session of TIE DYE workshop, one workshop is dedicated to Ibu-Ibu PKK in RW.07 Komp. Perum UNPAD Cigadung, Bandung. Another workshop is open to public, especially teenagers who interested in making their own T-Shirt by tie dye colour experiment.

We will welcoming all of you to apreciate their work, please come and join the workshop for more deep apreciation of the work, enjoy everyone!

warm regards,


>Opening Exhibition : Monday, 23 August 2010 at 4pm - 7 pm
will be officiated by Dr. Kahfiati Kahdar, MA.
Artist Talk, 4 pm - 6pm.

>TIE DYE Workshop : Sunday, 22 August 2010
special session with Ibu-ibu PKK RW.07 Komp. Perum UNPAD Cigadung
Sunday, 29 August 2010
Open for public, workshop fee Rp. 25.000 (including material & T-shirt)
contact : Herra, 0815 7373 7138

> Art Presentation : " Bedah Karya & Kopi Sore" by Arum S. Prameshwari & Indrani Ashe
a presentation of creative process of their work from previous times.

> s.14 library :
7" program : " embryo garden ", a video documentation by Indrani Ashe
6 to 5 program : "liquified #1", a drawing by Arum Sekar Prameshwari


Kolaborasi kami bermula karena ada kesamaan kecenderungan dalam mengolah bentuk organik pada karya kami masing-masing. Proses kolaborasi kami mulai dengan menyelami/mendalami “isi” pikiran kami masing-masing dengan bertukar cerita tentang kecenderungan ide-ide pada karya kami yang sebelumnya sampai kami menemukan satu titik kami dapat merasa nyaman dalam berkolaborasi. Dimulai dari kecenderungan mengolah bentuk-bentuk organik kami berusaha mengali kembali bentuk-bentuk lain dari rasa nyaman yang ingin kami gambarkan.

Setiap orang memiliki cara masing-masing untuk membuat diri mereka nyaman, ada yang merasa nyaman saat berada dalam keramaian atau sebaliknya, atau merasa nyaman saat mendengarkan suara-suara tertentu atau sebaliknya, merasa nyaman saat berada didalam dan terselubung oleh sesuatu atau merasa nyaman saat berada di luar tanpa terhalang oleh sesuatu dan lain sebagainya.

Karya kami mencoba menerjemahkan apa yang ada didalam (organ) tubuh manusia, menggambarkan bagaimana rasanya berada didalam tubuh sendiri dan menciptakan sendiri ruang-ruang imajinasi melalui bentuk-bentuk yang kami olah. Dalam karya kolaborasi ini pula kami bertukar “informasi” teknik yang pernah kami pahami. Kami menggunakan teknik celup ikat yang dikuasai oleh Indrani dan menggunakan material tile yang pernah digunakan oleh saya. Dalam proses berkarya kami berusaha memadukan kedua aspek ini untuk menciptakan kemungkinan-kemungkinan bentuk baru yang sebelumnya tidak terolah oleh kami. sehingga pada akhirnya selain kami dapat mengenal lebih jauh karakteristik material-material yang selama ini kami gunakan kami juga semakin mengenali diri kami satu sama lain juga diri kami masing-masing.

Proses ini dapat diartikan sebagai saat-saat dimana manusia melihat kembali ke dalam dirinya dan diterjemahkan dengan penggambaran saat berada dalam tubuh (organ dalam) manusia. Proses melihat kembali kedalam dapat diartikan juga sebagai proses perenungan, dengan tujuan akhirnya mendapatkan suatu jawaban atau pencerahan.

Pada akhirnya secara pribadi proses berkarya ini saya jadikan sebagai kesempatan untuk merefleksikan diri, berusaha menemukan kembali .

Arum Prameshwari

Arum was born in Jakarta on September 26, 1983. She graduated from sculpture studio for her Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Department, Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology on 2008. She joined Buton Kultur, a group of artists that initiated a space for community event in Bandung. Now, she is working as a program manager in Selasar Sunaryo Art Space since 2008. She start to exhibit her artwork on 2004, where she joined a workshop by Tosihiro Kuno in Soemardja Gallery. She is passive in exhibiting her artworks. The last exhibition she joined was Deer Andry, a tribute exhibition from a group of artists in Bandung, Jakarta and Yogyakarta on 2008 – 2009.


The collaboration began with the exchange of two perspectives: fabric as a sculptural metaphor for skin or bodies, and toile as a metaphor for comfort. The fusion of these perspectives offered the imagination of a new space, a space depicting the comfort and sanctuary within the embrace of or inside of a body. This is a concept that is continually expressed in each phase of human life, physically and metaphorically.

We begin consciousness within the womb, comfortably floating in a warm red haze. Voices, predominantly our mother’s, are softened by the flesh that cradles us. As infants and children we cannot develop without being cradled, held, and hugged. We run inside of arms and between breasts for security, reveling in physical contact. When afraid or in play we might imitate the closeness and sanctuary of the womb by hiding under the blanket. In adolescence we begin the search for sanctuary inside of a lover’s arms, again finding peace and pleasure within the embrace. We long to be inside someone’s heart or in some one’s thoughts as much as we hold people within our heart or thoughts. In times of stress we may close our eyes, trying to generate peace within our own mental space, separated from the outside world.

In the realization of this imaginary space we experimented with a large variety of textures and tones. We used a dip dye technique on the fabric to create organic variation in color that had a stronger correlation to internal organs than the uniformity of factory produced hues. Layers of toile create an interplay of color and form that at once symbolize membranes and inner working of the body as well as the complexities of the heart and mind which make each individual unique.

Indrani Ashe

Indrani Ashe was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina in 1984. She studied sculpture at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem, producing several public art works and exhibitions during her time there. After graduating in 2006, she went to Indonesia to produce artwork based on an investigation of Indonesian visual culture. Indrani researched traditional markets in Surabaya for a year and then moved Bandung to produce art work. Her solo exhibition “Plastik Organik” took place at Common Room in June 2008. During 2009 she researched and developed the concept of ‘Rahasia Jalan Tikus’, creating art work based on the material culture of community interaction in Sekeloa, Bandung. She has plans to further develop this concept at a residency at Kersan Gallery in Yogyakarta. So far this year she has been practicing her expertise in textiles through collaborative works at Jatiwangi Art Festival and with Bandung artist Arum Prameshwari.

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